Reflections of a new traveller

August 18, 2010

So I did my first (of many many) trips to East Lansing and back last weekend. I had N as company on the way over, which was fantastic, as it was the first time I was solo driving a 300+ mile route. Long worn travellers will probably scoff at this, but to put this in context, my next longest drive has been to Dayton and back, which is a 120M round trip.

Here are my essentials for a road trip:

1. A good music system: My car radio is just that – a radio (even though there are buttons marked CD and TAPE). There are 4 speakers, though at this point only two work (as far as i can tell), and it has 2 volume settings, low and very high. Not ideal.

2. Well planned stops: I just entered the address in the GPS and hit go. It was two hours into the drive that I started hankering for a Starbucks. Before realising that there are literally no Starbucks coffee shops between Bowling Green and East Lansing. (I did see a Timmy Horton’s though, of all things).

3. Good company: This is the most important aspect of a long drive. While going to E Lansing, we hit a thunderstorm for about 45 minutes and reduced visibility to about 20ft. But we were having such a great conversation, it wasnt really that big of a deal. On the way back, I was so bored that I tried doing a monologue to see how long I could keep it up. It turns out that I really don’t have as many interesting thoughts as I may have thought. Mental note to not do that again.

But my biggest problem with the trip was the uniform non-niceness of the roads. Seriously, while the roads are fantastic for going from point A to B (I could’ve done most of the trip without stopping once), they are very lacking in the seriously scenery department. Or maybe it was just the roads I decided to take. Anybody has any idea on how to find scenic routes to a destination?


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  1. Go Timmy’s!!! Tim Horton rocks!!! 🙂

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