Likes and Dislikes

February 16, 2009

This blog was initially started to comment on the various facets of my journey to the US. And while I clearly have been slacking on that job, I did think of a list of likes and don’t likes, which I have developed over my time here. The list tends to be mostly gastronomic in nature, but then, I love good food.

People: People here are nice. There are really no other words for it. Even when they are saying no, they sound like they’re doing it only because its the the only thing possible at that time. And on the start of a bad Monday (are there really any others?) a cheery Hello! can make all the difference.

Traffic Rules: Cars stop for pedestrians, even when said said pedestrian is 10 meters away from the crossing, turning around, trying to light a cigarette because of the bloody wind. Words aren’t enough.

Education System: I am in the MSIS program, which for noninitiates means computers with smatterings of business. Well, I have this guy in my program who did his undergrad studies in music. He was trying to play the trombone, and apparently did it quite successfully. Why did he join the MSIS program? Because he thought it sounded interesting.

Chili: Fast Food Nation they may be, but you can have only so many bland burgers(see below, cons). or fries, or nachos. After a while, you want to run when you see cheese. Except for chili. This concoction, which consists of frying beef in a hot broth, while adding spices(hence the name), and serving it with fried onions, beans and some shredded cheese, hot sauce, and a side of crackers, is awesomely tasty, and filling. For reference, think mutton ghughni, without the potatoes.

Online Shopping: I know this is available in India, but it’s so much more prevalent here, that the retail merchants take it more seriously. Everything is available online, and due to reduced overheads, prices are cheaper too. The best option? Go the Best Buy, select the item you want, buy it on your iPhone (you get the lower rate), wait 5 minutes and pick it up from the counter. Which brings me to…

The iPhone: If somebody were to research the last ten years of my life, and make a list of things I want(ed) in my phone/pda/everywhere, they would have come up with the iPhone. Why is it a pro in the US? Due to the awesome mobile data network. Sure, people complain about it here, but people here are used to having 20mbps internet connections. I call my 256kbps at home a broadband connection. Give me a break. Oh. also. always on email, push calendar, an amazing app program, Google Maps, the brilliant form factor, the kickass battery life….

Discount Shopping: Thanksgiving, Christmas, the day after Christmas, New Years, the day after New Years, Valentines day… retail marts here need an excuse for a discount. And what discounts!

Coffee: Well technically, the coffee here doesn’t really suck. You have tons of options, and while they are expensive, they aren’t bad. But none of them, and I mean, none of them, taste like filter coffee.

Burgers: This has been my biggest disappointment since coming to the US. While I didnt run to the nearest McDonalds the moment my feet touched American ground, and start wolfing burgers, it was on my things to do list. I have since been to aforesaid McDonalds, KFCs. and other places I’ve forgotten names of, and they all make the blandest burgers. In the history of bland burgers. Back home, you could feed one of these burgers to people whose doctors have recommended them a bland diet (glucon-d and dal), except that the fat content is huge, but thats an occupational risk.

Fries: See above.

Alone-ity: This goes just for me. I really like this place. It has interesting people, opportunities, places to hang out, places to eat, place to do both, but I would still rather eat chilly beef in Besant Fast Foods rather than chili in Skyline Chilis. Or eat chinese in Beach Palms than in King Wok. Or go to a bar in LB Road rather than one in Ludlow. I miss home.

Oh, and subways in the US taste like Subways in India. Only, due to the lack of competition, infinitely tastier.



  1. Ah, the “Alone-ity”.. The definition of a residential locality here is very very different from the Indian one. The suburbs can get very very boring.

  2. What about my not being there? And also, put the online shopping to good use and bring loooooooooooads of stuff back for me when u get here!

  3. Where is the safety factor man? After living on Bishop and stones throw away from West Nickson, shouldn’t it be your first dislike? Any ways nice compilation.

  4. Coffee is the only part one could distinctly disagree with. Now, I am not calling the monstrosity that is Starbucks coffee at all. Find the home blend. It beats filter coffee at times. And yes to the rest I nod my head in distant agreement.

  5. Your Alone-ity list is basically a bunch of eateries and bars huh? awesom da!
    and ‘Well, I have this guy in my program who did his undergrad studies in music. He was trying to play the trombone, and apparently did it quite successfully. Why did he join the MSIS program? Because he thought it sounded interesting.’

    also, ekdum jhakaas photo there. lol.

  6. Awwwwwwwww….thats when u shud visit you sister!!! who btw is in the next state!!

    @Nanni…LOL….I think he needs to start a whole new blog just to make u happy

    oh n take it from a Barista :)…coffee here can be good too (not the cheap ones)
    but i miss filter coffee too 😦

    oh n fatso…stop eating chilli!

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