Movie Shooting 101

August 21, 2008

So this friend of mine wanted to shoot this movie, and she thought that it would be a good idea if I played the part of a sneak thief in it. Now I don’t consider myself to be fit for the pages of Vogue or anything like that that, but it is a bit unflattering to be considered ideal for such a role. However, one aims to please (and get acting credits), so I readily agreed.

So it was that I landed up in this shady by lane in TNagar, at 11AM in the morning. The sun was wiling me to get roasted, but I thought my naturally dusky complexion would fool it. (I am sorry, it was very hot). I was wearing a weird monkey cap thingie, with old jeans and a tee which did not match, looking very much in character. The shot sequence involved me running up to this lady in the road, dispossess her of her bag, make faces at her and run. Which I did. Quite well I thought. And that’s when the trouble started.

I was happily running down the road, bag in hand, congratulating myself on a job well done, when I noticed this car coming in my direction. Whatever its initial intentions, the car suddenly swerved towards me, at around 120kmph (it felt like 120kmph, though I am told nobody has ever touched such speeds on that road. Lets say 100). It came rushing up to me, brakes screeching at the last moment, and I had to do a flashy pirouetting movement to get out of the way, which ended with me falling on my ass in the middle of the road. I was about to do my impression of a bear  which has just been poked in the fleshy parts, while having a nap, when the driver came out of the car and snatched the bag out of my hand, and gave the same to the aforementioned lady. And there I was, lying down on the road, wondering at the injustice of it all, when my friend said we had to to a retake. She wanted my face to be seen on camera. Or something like that. Oh well.

So here’s my advice to anyone considering acting in a movie/short film/serial. Act badly. There maybe unforeseen complications otherwise. Cheers!



  1. excellent job dude! Clearly, you have a career in acting / as a sneak thief awaiting you! 😀 Wish I cud’ve witnessed the scene though! LOL

  2. ‘ I was about to do my impression of a bear which has just been poked in the fleshy parts’………ROTFL!!!!!!!!!
    upload video plz! 😛

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