Two weeks to go…

August 20, 2008

Two  weeks to go. There’s still an insane amount of work to do. My Gtalk status says “Very very busy”. What started as a (not so funny) joke, has suddenly become grim reality. The world feels like its closing in on me. I need a smoke.

Aah, well, first lets get over the awkard why I am writing a blog part. Its not new to me. I’ve done this before, thinking I will confine myself to writing articles which can change the face of humanity. That idea resulted in four blog articles in two years. Not bad, really (no Really!) but this time I’ve decided to shoot from the hip. Let’s how that goes.

So, as I said, two weeks to go. I am almost dreading getting into the flight now, thinking about the various possibilities of missing sambar podis or leaking hair gels. I don’t particularly want to smell like a Bvlgari initiate the moment I enter the US of A, so here’s hoping. But a part of me still is’nt particularly bothered. That’s the part which is writing the blog. It’ll all be ok, it says. Chill out. Thoughts of that sort. I bless that part of me every day. I think I will be needing more of that in the near future. That’s the part which is writing this blog. Heh…


One comment

  1. Hmmm…. Hey that part that says “chill out”.. where are you? why are we seeing less and lesser of that each day? Let me provide some external support… CHILLAX MADI. et all WILL be fineI! no big deal really! :))

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